Terms and Conditions

Here are Olympiabet’s terms of use, as well as information about our customer relationships. By making an account, you agree to our terms of service as well as our privacy policies. If required, we may modify the terms.

Customers must review these terms for modifications on a regular basis to avoid misunderstandings.

Olympiabet Casino Terms and Conditions

Legality of Use of the Facilities

You must be over the age of 18 to utilise Olympiabet’s services. We retain the right to require evidence of age from you and may suspend your account until you submit appropriate proof of age. Your participation in Olympiabet is solely at your own discretion and risk.

We may block your account if we are unable to successfully authenticate your identification within a reasonable length of time, or if our verification reveals that you are not of legal age.

Account / Registration

Before you can start playing at Olympiabet, you need to register an account.

To create an account with us, you will need to provide personal information such as your first and last name, physical and email addresses, date of birth, gender, government issued identification number and phone number, as well as a unique account name or user ID and password. You are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the information you provide when you register and at all other times.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all funds deposited into your account come from the source in which you are listed as the account holder.

In order to place a bet, you must fund your account by one of the methods listed on our official website. Your account will be credited as soon as we or our representatives receive confirmation of the actual transfer.

Withdrawals may be made at any time convenient to you, provided that all payments have been received.

Your Use of the Facilities

We reserve the right to take any action that We deem necessary to maintain a level playing field. Using Olympiabet in any unfair manner is strictly prohibited. We take these measures for the safety of our players and Olympiabet’s reputation. We have the right to permanently close any customer account and confiscate or withhold any balance if a customer is found to have engaged in collusion or other activity we consider fraudulent.


We may give you free or bonus funds, which Olympiabet will credit to your account. We reserve the right to make you aware of additional Terms and Conditions in connection with each specific bonus offer before you accept it. Unless otherwise stated, offers are valid only once. Bonus Points may not be redeemed until the wagering requirements are met.


To withdraw funds, you must make a deposit and bet with real money. Any winnings can be withdrawn at any time. We will inform you about transaction limits and withdrawal options before you make a withdrawal.

The funds in your account are for sports betting, live gaming and online casino games only. Players can only withdraw cash if they have made a deposit with the goal of turning at least 100% of their investment into a winnings. We may cancel your deposit or withdrawal if it appears that you are not gaming. We may also alert the appropriate authorities to fraudulent activity.

We may report and withhold any prizes in order to comply with the law.

Fraudulent transactions and failed deposits

All types of scams and money laundering activities are completely prohibited at Olympiabet. If we believe that you have cheated or tried to cheat us, we reserve the right to permanently suspend and/or cancel your account and remove any remaining funds.

We may suspend payments if we detect match tampering. We may avoid betting results in case of manipulation of the competition.

Security Checks

We can verify your identity at any time to ensure the security of the system. This ensures that you are a real person of legal age and a unique user with no other accounts.

Protecting Data

Your private information will be handled in line with our Privacy Statement. All information You send to Us is stored on secure servers that use SSL encryption. To ensure the privacy of our users’ information, we employ cutting-edge information security practices. We may utilise user data for internal analysis, and to track the number of visitors to Olympiabet.